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At Orient Law Firm, we assure our clients that buying properties at auctions is rewarding & pleasant. We always recommend assigning an official surveyor to conduct the needed assessment before proceeding with the auction. This serves in managing expectations & may save a substantial amount of money & effort as the client may select not to be part of the bid at all.
We have an independent team that provides all guidance & information for auctions in terms of required documents, deposits, obligations, & timeframes. Besides, we represent the client throughout the foreclosure auction. We do intensive follow-ups & assistance to give the client full confidence before entering the bidding process.
The real estate market is growing rapidly & constantly adding more to its sophistication. This implies assigning a competent legal team to secure strategic transactional support with the objective of defending client interests within the framework of the law. We are entirely acquainted with real estate law along with its interpretations. This includes different cases & exceptions with respect to immovable properties such as commercial compounds, lands, fields, & other types of buildings.
We master all undertakings between individuals, business, & institutions both private & public. Our extensive scope comprising rental contracts, lease agreements, real estate registration, expropriation, unjustly occupied properties, mortgages, investment funds, lenders, incompliant landlords, eviction of illegal tenants & many more.

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