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Who are we?

With more than two decades of experience, Orient Law Firm started at the beginning of the third millennium as one of the well-renowned partners providing excellent & professional legal services across the region. Orient offers end-to-end legal solutions including but not limited to disputes & litigation, commercial contracts, marriage, divorce, inheritance, collection, trademarks, copyrights, & intellectual property, tax services, & real estate.
At Orient Law Firm, we enjoy great relationships with our clients, this is because we helped them alter their business & lives to be better. We know our clients, each & every one of them. We listen to what they need while investigating alternative routes that accommodate their situation. We are very selective with the clients & cases, stemmed from the fact that we give each client the significant attention that they deserve.
We enjoy an admirable reputation amongst all stakeholders in the field. This encompasses related governmental & regulatory entities in Jordan, which in turn serves in speeding up our daily processes & transactions. We are always recognized with trust & respect, thus our dealings moved from being negotiated each time to becoming a matter of routine.

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Member of ABACUS Worldwide
An International Association of Independent Accounting, Consulting and Legal Firms.

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Our Values

Integrity: We commit to the highest standards of integrity & honesty in all areas with all stakeholders

Transparency: We treat our clients with transparency & openness, as we share all relevant & needed information for the purpose of earning trust & respect in what we do

Teamwork: Our spirit is enviable & brought via the collective experience & harmony of Orient team members that warrants to deliver outstanding service & advice

Client Oriented: We set our clients’ requirements & interests at the utmost priority. We strive to satisfy our clients with passion, excitement, & proficiency

Our Mission

We take pride in bringing justice & enforcing law for all our clients through excellent legal representation & superior professional consultation that guarantees a sustainable & compliant environment. We are recognized as a responsible partner while being creative in availing insightful legal solutions & guidance.

What we Do?

Wide Spectrum of Legal Services & Solutions

Orient services are tailored to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. We act as the reliable partner that you can always count on

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We acknowledge that life & business nowadays are associated with complexities that are unprecedented. This necessitates assigning a reliable partner to mitigate underlying risks while assuring regulatory compliance. This is where Orient’s role comes to fill gaps & expand beyond the foreseen challenges & limits.

Our Geographical Area

Our services cover all courts, departments, ministries, directorates, and governmental entities located across the Kingdom

A Team of Professional Lawyers

Clients choose us because of the depth & strength our team demonstrates along with high levels of expertise & unmatched exposure

Our Allies

Orient operates through a solid network of allies spread across different regions and areas for the purpose of exchanging expertise & supporting services